"Sholeion Psaltikis"


The "Sholeion Psaltikis was founded in 2008 by Konstantinos Bousdekis and Konstantinos Fotopoulos. It is a music school specialized in Byzantine music and traditional greek folk music. The studies of Byzantine music cover a circle of 5 or 6 years studies and with the cooperation of the "Odeion for classic and modern music" we give diplomas which are recognized by the official authorities of the state.

In our school you can find:

· Groups for novices and experts (male and female).
· Groups for children.
· Groups specialized in unique subjects [Argo Doxastarion by Iakovos Protopsaltis, Doxastarion ("Athonias") by Petros Filanthidis].
· Groups of choirs with purpose the participation in the liturgical life of our church and other music events.
· Groups of Melopoiia (Byzantine music composition).
· Groups for Slavophones.
· Groups for priests.
· Paleography research group.
· Separate theoritical lessons (Typikon, Hymnology, Liturgy, Orthography, History of the music, Theory of western european music).

If you want to learn traditional greek folk music the years of studies depends on the section you will follow and at the end of your studies you will take a certificate.

These sections are:

- Traditional songs, children choir for traditional songs, female choir for traditional songs.

- Wind instruments: clarinet, flute.

- Strings: Violin, Lyre from Creta, Lyre from Konstantinople, Kanun, Santouri, Lute from main Greece, Lute from Konstantinople, Oud, Tampouras.

- Traditional percussion instuments.

In our school you can find a library with reading room and recordings from several music events. Also you can participate in music events and speeches with music subjects which taking place in our school from time to time.

For a photo tour in our school press here