"Pasapnoaria" in slavonic language, composition by Konstantinos Fotopoulos, tone plagal A


The tracks we represent you, are the "Pasa pnoi" and "Aineite" in slavonic language. The composition took place after the kindly request of Holy Monastery Novo Tikhvinski, in Russia.

The composition is according to the rules of Petros Lampadarios. When we say "according to", we don't mean only the translation of the words of an old composition but we copied the way of thinking of this famous composer. The copy of the rules a composer used in the past is the first step if you want to learn Byzantine music composition (Melopoiia) at our school (for more details press here). Despite the difficulties we met when we started the composition in slavonic language (difficult pronunciation etc), both us and our students in Moscow achieved to compose successfully many hymns in several kinds of Byzantine music (Eirmologiko, Stichirarico, Papadiko). We must underline that we tried in the composition of "Pasa pnoi" and "Aineite" to follow the rules of pronunciation and intonation in slavonic language so both of them can be used by any others slavophones.