Konstantinos Fotopoulos


Konstantinos Fotopoulos was born in Athens in 1982. At an early age he  learned his first music lessons from his father, reverend father Ioannis Fotopoulos. Later he continued his music studies as a student of chanter Konstantinos  Papachristodoulou and reverend father Anastasios  Traiforos and he graduated with his first chanting certificate in 2000 and Diploma of Byzantine music in 2001 both with A grade. He acquired a lot of benefits by his fellowship with famous chanting teachers as Dimitrios Soulartzis and Dimitrios Ioannidis. He perfected his knowledge in Byzantine music when he studied private lessons for 3 years under the supervision of the “ Great Church of Christ Lampadarios” (honorific  title for chanters) famous Vasilios Emmanouilidis.

At the same time he studied traditional violin and his teachers were Stelios Kalaitzakis firstly and Ioannis Zevgolis later. He graduated the “Diploma of Philology” from the “National and Kapodistrian University of Athens”. In 2001 he graduated the “Diploma of Harmony”. In 2004 he travelled in Moscow and he lived there for 3 years. The purpose of that travel was to establish a school for Byzantine music and the creation of a Byzantine choir in Russia. Both are under his supervision until nowadays. In those 3 years he released 3 CDs with Byzantine choirs chanting Byzantine hymns. He was the maestro of all the Byzantine choirs. The choir he created in Russia chanted at church services, at many concerts, in and outside Russia. He concerned oneself with the translation of classic music scores in Slavic language, with melopoiia (composition of Byzantine music), with Paleography of Byzantine music and he took part of many music conferences.

He serviced as first chanter at St. Apostles church at Agia Paraskevi, as lampadarios at St. Ekaterini church at Plaka, as first chanter at St. Skepi in Moscow, as first chanter at St. Prophet Ilias church at Porto Rafti, and nowadays he is first chanter at St. Kosmas at Amaroussio.

In 2008 he cooperated with Konstantinos Bousdekis and they founded the music school “Sholeion Psaltikis” and the Byzantine choir “En Psaltirio” .