Konstantinos Bousdekis


Konstantinos Bousdekis was born in Athens in 1983. His first steps in chanting art were at an early age at the church that his father , reverend father Antonios Bousdekis, serviced. At that church he started practicing in Byzantine music and from the age of 10 he started his first lessons in Byzantine music. His first teacher was his father. Later he started intensive music lessons under the supervision of reverend father Anastasios Traiforos who was servicing at St. Athanasios church at Markopoulo city. In 2000 he graduated the first certificate for chanters from the Byzantine music’s school of Holy Metropolis of Attica. In 2001 he graduated the “Diploma of Byzantine music” from the public music school of Amaroussion. Both were A graded.

At the same time, he studied musicology at “National and Kapodistrian University of Athens”. He studied also the theory of European music, and he graduated the “Diploma of Harmony”, the “Diploma of counterpoint” and the “Diploma of fugue” from the “School of Classic and modern music” at Amaroussion city. From his childhood he loved and he is respectfull for the Mount Athos traditional Byzantine music. He acquired a lot of benefits by his contact with the holy brotherhood named “Daniilaioi”.

In 2000 he became first chanter at St. Athanasios church at Markopoulo city. At that church chaplain was his teacher, reverend father Anastasios Traiforos. He chanted there until 2007. From 2007 until today he is Lampadarios at St. Kimisi Theotokou church at Amaroussion city.

In 1999 he started to teach Byzantine music in private lessons and he was also teacher of Byzantine music  at the Byzantine music’s school of Holy Metropolis of Attica. In 2008 he cooperated with Konstantinos Fotopoulos and they founded the school “Sholeion Psaltikis” and the Byzantine choir “En Psaltirio”. The choir started its act in 2007, and they took part in liturgical services, in concerts and in other celebration events.

In 2008, the choir released its first CD under the supervision of St. Kimisis Theotokou church named “En mnimeio tithete” including hymns from Holy mother’s funeral celebration service.